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The Significance of Beauty Equipments

to Beauty Salons


-Benefits that beauty salons can have from importing beauty equipments

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Is a beauty equipment really important for a beauty salon?It is found that there are very few beauty salons that only use manual operation services and a lot of salons introduced high-tech beauty equipment projects. Let's use a set of data about China to analyze why beauty equipment is so demanding for beauty salons:

According to a survey of the operation status of China's beauty salons from 2011 to 2015, the survival rate of beauty salons with simple manual services is only 9.6%, and the survival rate of beauty salons with high-tech beauty equipment projects is as high as 86.6%. The difference between the two survival rates is 77%.

The profit ratio of beauty projects: breast enhancement&body shaping projects accounted for 32.8%, blemish removing & skin whitening projects accounted for 27.2%, basic skin care projects accounted for 21%, SPA replenishment projects accounted for 15%, and other projects accounted for 4%.

The priority order of the beauty equipment projects introduced by the beauty salons is: body sculpting, photorejuvenation,whitening, intelligent physiotherapy, wrinkle removal, hydra dermobrasion, pedicure, and other items.

The above data all directly point to the increasing effect of high-tech beauty equipment on the survival rate and project profit ratio of beauty salons. It can be seen that beauty equipment can be described as a powerful "sword" for beauty salons to break ice. Since it is said that the beauty salon equipment is really important for the survival rate of the beauty salons, then where are the advantage points?

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Money Saving

For a beauty salon, the intelligent operation of high-tech instruments does not require the beauty salon to spend too much on the training of the beautician's instrument operation, and it can also minimize the loss of technology to the beauty salon after the beautician changes jobs. Once the beautician changes jobs, the technical advantage of the beauty salon will not be lost.

Time Saving

For example,in traditional slimming, whitening and other skin care projects, the use of products alone can not make consumers satisfied due to the effect and long time using.It must rely on the instrument to improve the final effect and time used.

Labor Saving

The current Hair removal, breast enhancement, blemishe removing, and skin rejuvenation are still greatly needed. However, after simply using traditional products, the effect is not excellent and many beauticians are neccesary due to the salon development.It is very necessary to use instruments to improve the efficiency. This is also a favorable factor for promoting the development of the instrument market.

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