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    Who We Are

    If you are just coming across with the followwing situations:

    You are looking for new business growth promotion projects

    You just learned about beauty devices from others and want to know more

    You want to know the latest development of beauty device technology

    You are deeply troubled by poor quality beauty devices or poor service from the original supplier......

    We are a good choice here.


    We are a one-stop solution provider for overseas beauty device importers.

    Our services cover the design, production, export, and after-sales services of beauty devices.

    We have over ten years of experience in all the above aspects.

    So we can meet any of your needs related to beauty devices.

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    Looking for Global Agents, Local Representatives, Partners. Welcome to Consult

    Our products cover more than 20 beauty devices in 7 categories, mainly including 808nm diode laser hair removal beauty device, IPL SHR hair removal beauty device, Cryolipolysis body shaping beauty device, Liposuction slimming beauty device, HIFU facial care beauty device,Oxygen jet peel beauty device,Home use beauty device.etc. They can meet the beauty needs of different people in different regions.


    Up to now, we have served more than 80 resellers in different regions of the world.We have rich experience in devices and service support for overseas agents.Wish we can be your next partner in China

  • What We Do

    You are welcome to spend a little time understanding us. Hope you can read it patiently.The members of our company's management team have more than ten years of experience in the production and export of beauty devices. Although our company was officially registered and established in 2014,we are currently an emerging and rapidly developing company.


    After several years of formal development, we have a sound department structure for beauty device manufacturing.They are the design and development department, production department, quality inspection department, procurement department, clinical testing center, sales department and after-sales service department.The strong cooperations of all the above departments allow us to have a super ability to guarantee the quality & stability of the beauty devices you choose and to offer fast and high quality service support.


    Generally speaking, we are doing our best in three areas:

    The study and research of new technologies in the beauty device industry. The development of science and technology is changing rapidly. New technologies in the beauty device industry represent new demands. Through the continuous efforts of our technical engineers in this job, we can continuously launch new products that meet market needs, and provide you with the latest beauty device series on the market at any time.


    The personalized needs fulfilling of daily beauty device orders and their 100% completion.We provide personalized services for your beauty device orders, such as adding logos, changing device colors, customizing interfaces, customizing device or its handle shells, adding or changing interface languages, or designing higher-level intelligent control programs.Our engineers have rich operating experience in these customized services.They have dealed with thousands of practical operations in the past ten years.So you can fully trust them with customized services.


    Of course, their work is inseparable from the perfect cooperation of colleagues in production and quality inspection departments.When your customized requirements are completed in the technical department, it needs to be perfectly implemented in the device assembly.The professional team and strict manufacturing process control of the production department ensure that this is done with high quality.When your order is 70% completed, the colleagues in production department will carry out the necessary tests, including software and hardware aspects, to ensure that no errors will occur. Then the device enters the aging process of 24 to 72 hours.If there is a problem here, it is found and solved in time.


    After that, the independent quality inspection department will inspect and test all aspects of the software and hardware of the device according to your special customization requirements.


    The service providing for your import and after-sales assistance.We have exported beauty devices to many countries around the world. With more than ten years of experience in customs declaration and transportation of beauty devices, we can easily deliver your beauty devices to your hands safely and rapidly.We have cooperated with the world's leading international logistics companies for many years, and we already have very mature experience in the transportation arrangement of beauty devices.


    We provide training services like online training, video training,factory operation training & training in your company for the beauty devices that have been sold.If your beautician has well mastered the operation of the device and clinical precautions through training, we will give her a certificate.


    We will provide quick response service once unforeseen problems occur during the use of the device. You can contact us at any time. We will quickly lock the problem by online talks and give a solution. 90% of the problems can be fixed and resolved through remote guidance. For some stubborn problems, we will analyze the possibility of sending all replacement parts. The modular assembly design of the devices allows your technician to quickly and easily replace accessories. We also provide services of returning the device to us or sending our technicians to repair when necessary.


    In addition, our devices have a self-checking system.It can quickly respond the problem to the interface to help us lock the problem.

    What Clients Say

    Rita Smith

    "Thanks for great quality beauty device they offer, our projects finished very smooth, our salon clients like your device and give you a thumb up. I import around 50 beauty devices of different kinds here, and Victorinno team is very professional on every process. Trust me, if your order is very big, you can visit their factory in Beijing, then you will be really happy on their beauty device manufacturing..."


    Jack Braun

    "Victorinno is definitely an expert on beauty device manufacturing in China. Their beauty device production line is very professional. They have really large numbers of beauty device design for different uses. I really happy with the victorinno beauty devices. Thanks!"

  • Victorinno Capabilities on Beauty Devices

    A professional beauty device manufacturer in China

    OEM/ODM Service Capability

    We have a R&D team for over 15 people in charge of software writing,

    pcb design,shell design & drawing.etc.We offer OEM/ODM services like:

    • Adding your logo
    • Changing device colors
    • Customizing interfaces
    • Customizing device or the handle shells
    • Adding or changing interface languages
    • Designing internal structure for beauty device to match your own shell
    • Designing higher-level intelligent control programs

    In short, our OEM/ODM service can meet any of your personalized needs.

    Strict Manufacturing Process Management

    We have established strict operation requirements and strict management

    in the whole process from raw material procurement to finished product packaging.

    The work flow of the production department is divided into:

    1. Raw material procurement
    2. Raw material quality inspection
    3. Spare parts assembly
    4. Host device assembly
    5. Semi-finished product testing
    6. Aging process
    7. Shell & accessories installation
    8. Packaging

    Each process is carried out and managed by dedicated personnel. Each process has strict standardized operation requirements. There are about 50 employees in the production department.

    Standard Quality Control

    The quality inspection department is not a subordinate unit of the production department, but an independent department. It only accepts the leadership of our company management. Such management setting ensures the authenticity and reliability of quality inspection work.The quality inspection is divided into two parts:

    • Quality inspection of the raw materials
    • Quality inspection of the finished device's hardware and software
    • Completion of the customer's personalized order

    The department has various testing equipments required by the beauty device industry standards to support the completion of various inspections. As shown on the left.

    clinical testing of beauty devices

    Strong Clinical Testing Ability

    We have a dedicated clinical testing center. There are 5 beauticians working full time in this department. The value of beauty devices lies in the clinical effect they produce. The clinical center has made a great contribution in this process.The working content of the clinical center includes the following:

    • Make clinical tests on a new beauty industry technology or device to help our management in determining whether to select it as the final product project
    • Clinical effect testing and feedback on our newly completed beauty device project to help the technical department in improving the effect of the device
    • 2 of the beauticians are responsible for the training of customers, the making of training videos and the writing of training manuals
    • Make clinical research to give regional clinical operation guidance according to poor clinical effect feedbacks from customers of different regions
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