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6 Differences Between Ultraformer III & HIFU/ Termage

---Ultraformer III that you don't really know

01: Different Technologies

HIFU: high energy focused ultrasonic technology

Termage: RF Technology (the deepest can only be applied to 4.3mm)

Ultraformer III: the latest MMFU (micro focus and macro focused ultrasound) technology is adopted, which is the latest upgrade version of HIFU (high energy focused ultrasound). 

02: Different Focus Area

HIFU: the same focus area of the body and face, and the body is not used basically

Termage: diffusion type without focus

Ultraformer III: different focus of different parts

The face focuses on a small area by micro focusing, and has an efficient transducer, which can ensure the energy output efficiently and stably; Precise positioning, painless nursing, greatly improved comfort; 

The body focuses on a large area by macro focusing, which can dissolve fat and blast fat more effectively; The energy point of body probe is eight times larger than that of face. For fat stratification, the effect is much better than HIFU and excellent plastic. 

03. Different Points

HIFU: point from the back to the front, the operation part is not well controlled

Termage: flaky, regional operation

Ultraformer III: point from the front to the back, better control the operating parts

04. Different Levels

HIFU: 4.5/3.0/1.5mm probe with three depth, T-zone and eye can not be done at all. The body has only 13mm probe, and the operation site and the user have limitations

Termage: eye depth 0-1.1mm; Face 0-4.3mm; The body can reach the deepest dermis only at the depth of 0-4.3mm

Ultraformer III: in addition to 4.5/3.0/1.5mm depth, the face has 2.0 global patent probe, which can be used to shallow dermis, and many parts that can not be done by ultrasonic scalpels before can be done!

The body has 6.0/9.0/13mm probe which can be applied to different parts of different population

05. Different Effects

HIFU: the three probes 1.5/3.0/4.5 are all of the same frequency, and it takes about 1 hour to operate a face; Effect maintained for 1-2 years

Termage: official announcement effect is maintained for 6-8 months

Ultraformer III: 1.5/3.0mm probe: 7MHz, 4.5mm probe: 4MHz, 2.0mm probe: 5.5mhz, 6/9/13mm probe: 2MHz;

Each probe frequency is different. According to the different levels of action, different frequencies are adopted, which makes the effect more lasting and more effective. As long as there is no metabolic disease, it will be fat or much thinner suddenly, the effect can be maintained all the time, and the most effective one-two years can be maintained

6. Different Experience

HIFU: painful, can apply surface anesthesia operation, the earliest abroad will be general anesthesia operation

Termage: the probe adhesion has been improved after the five generations of improvement, but it still needs to be used for hemp application

Ultraformer III: almost no pain.

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