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Ultraformer III is so hot,should I give it a try?

---Product guide | About Ultraformer III Anti-aging Device

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  What's a woman's biggest secret? ---Answer: age!

What do women fear most? ---Answer: aging!

With the growth of age, the skin also began to decline, the loss of collagen, facial skin relaxation, wrinkles, even if every day in the diligent maintenance of skin, but still can't catch up with the pace of aging......

However, some people can turn back time, not only retain beauty, but also return to youth. Is it because they have a magic maintenance secret?

No,no ~ they just have it, Ultraformer III.

Why Ultraformer III is so HOT?


What is Ultraformer III

What kind of effect can be achieved?

The therapeutic heads with different depths of 1.5mm, 2.0mm, 3.0mm and 4.5mm were applied to the epidermis, dermis and SMAS fascia of the face by focused ultrasound energy, and the therapeutic heads with different depths of 6.0mm, 9.0mm and 13mm were applied to the fat layer of the body.

Stimulate collagen to rebuild new and loose skin, reduce aging, promote skin firmness, rebuild skin density and elasticity, activate skin collagen and fiber, reshape collagen structure, so as to enhance skin elasticity, reduce sagging, and achieve the effect of firming, lifting and anti wrinkle.


What kind of crowd is suitable for Ultraformer III?

· People with loose facial skin who want to use non-invasive means to tighten and improve.

· If you want to improve and tighten your face, but you can't accept filling, line carving and other surgical methods, Ultraformer III becomes the first choice.

. For people who have high standards of body shaping and anti-aging, Ultraformer III can help you realize this wish.


How long does it take to make Ultraformer III?

How do you feel after that?

Ultraformer III treatment time is short, the specific time varies according to the individual situation, and it does not affect the normal work and life, so it is called "traceless beauty".

After Ultraformer III treatments are finished, there will be obvious skin tension, which will disappear in about 2-3 days. After disappearance, the skin will enter the process of collagen proliferation and reconstruction.


How long does Ultraformer III treatments work?

How long will the effect last?

After finishing, it will have effect immediately. The better the effect, the more prominent it will be in the future. The maintenance of the effect depends on the skin condition, skin care and living habits.


Can Ultraformer III only do facial anti-aging?

Ultraformer III can be applied to the whole face, such as forehead, nasolabial groove, chin, cheek and fragile eye area. It can also be applied to the neck, hand, waist, hip and other body parts to help improve the loose skin.


Next, let's talk about a problem that everyone is particularly concerned about:

Does it hurt to do Ultraformer III treatments?

Because Ultraformer III uses mmfu technology to apply ultrasonic energy to the dermis and SMAS fascia layer of the face, heating the tissue to 65 ℃ - 75 ℃, it is almost painless, but has a heat feeling. So you can rest assured to experience.


Of course, some people are not suitable for Ultraformer III.

· Unrealistic fantasies about the Ultraformer III project.

. Women's three periods: menstruation, pregnancy and lactation are not recommended.

· Not recommended for diabetics.

. There are large areas of acne, acne and pustules on the face,it is not recommended to do.

· Not recommended for patients with heart disease.

. People with metal objects that can't be removed from their bodies, such as pacemakers and nails after fracture, are not recommended.

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