Cryo HIFU Skin Care System H11

Cryo HIFU Skin Care System H11

CRYO HIFU uses ultrasonic energy to penetrate deep into the fat layer(16 mm/13 mm/10mm/8.0 mm/6.0 mm),fascial layer(4.5 mm),dermis and epidermis (3.0 mm),using treat-ment probes with different depth devices./2.0 mm/1.5 mm),the HIFU cooling system reduces the surface temperature of the probe to 1-5°C.The epidermis is cooled and protected while the ultrasound is precisely focused on specific targets in the subcutaneous tissue. It invisibly generates two or four thermal condensation points,producing a thermal effect of 65°C-70°C in the subcutaneous tissue layer,crushing and dissolving fat cells and immediately stimulating collagen regeneration and fascial contraction,thus effectively improving and tight-ening the skin.Multiple effects such as fat dissolution and body contouring can be expected.
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Cryo HIFU Skin Care System H11Cryo HIFU Skin Care System H11Cryo HIFU Skin Care System H11

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